Improving the U.N.’s Peacekeeping Capacity

TitleImproving the U.N.’s Peacekeeping Capacity
Publication TypeMonographs
Year of Publication1982
AuthorsHoffmann W

This monograph explores proposals for a UN Peacekeeping Reserve and for a standing UN Peace Force - 8 pages.

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Excerpts from Mr. Hoffmann's Conclusions:

Instead of a mighty collective UN Army, small "ad hoc" peacekeeping forces have emerged. These small forces have been thrown into the middle of breaches of the peace and have been expected to hold the line essentially by their moral authority. Many of these UN peacekeeping operations have been hailed as successes and indeed they are. Their success, however, has not been because of the adequacy of the peacekeeping forces, but rather because the combatant parties were willing to accept a cease-fire and allow UN forces to supervise that cease-fire.

There is no doubt that adequate peace forces must also of necessity go hand in hand with more effective dispute settlement machinery if we are to succeed in establishing world peace. It is equally essential, however, that we fully recognize that just improving the dispute process alone, without bolstering the UNâ??s peacekeeping capacity, would be insufficient to guarantee the prevention of world war. If adequate peace forces are not available to preserve a cease-fire while the dispute settlement process is taking place, we run the risk that a â??localâ? war will escalate into a global conflict. â?¦That is why we must consider the failure of the United Nations to establish sufficient UN peace forces in accordance with the Charter a glaring crack in the UN system--a crack that must be repaired, if we are to insure world survival.