Verification & Disarmament

TitleVerification & Disarmament
Publication TypeMonographs
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsBaratta JPreston

1988; by Dr. Joseph Preston Baratta. This monograph explains nature and practice of verification. The author surveys a number of proposals to create an International Disarmament Organization or a UN Verification Agency -- 60 pages.

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Excerpts from Dr. Baratta's Conclusions:

An international arms control verification agency should be established by treaty or UN agreement, and its use should be expressly authorized in future arms control treaties. The functions of such an agency would be to assist, not supplant, national technical means and the consultative means that are already an increasing part of such treatiesâ?¦ Such an international verification agency would be â??within the frameworkâ? of the United Nations but not subject to the Security Council veto, on the model of the International Atomic Energy Agency or the Sea Bed Authority.

An international disarmament organization should be established as the effective international control organization in a treaty on general and complete disarmament. A very similar organization would be necessary under a comprehensive test ban, chemical weapons convention, strategic arms reduction treaty, or total abolition of nuclear weapons. The function of such an organization would be to verify completion of each stage of an agreed disarmament or reduction plan. Its powers would necessarily extend to extensive on-site inspection and dispute settlement.