The UN Economic Institutions and the Need for Restructuring

TitleThe UN Economic Institutions and the Need for Restructuring
Publication TypeMonographs
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsAshby LD

This monograph provides an overview of the evolution of the UN economic system. The author traces earlier unsuccessful efforts at restructuring and evaluates the Bertrand Report -- 67 pages.

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Excerpts from Dr. Ashby's Conclusions:
Bretton Woods Organizations and GATT Need Reorganization - At the very least the Bretton Woods institutions need financial and other rejuvenation: The World Bank needs to renew its developmental momentum--not only by greater capital subscriptions but for more funds for IDA for the least of the less developed, and expansion of structural adjustment lending. The experience of the Bank has been that the policy advice given by the Bank may be of more value than loans alone. Additional resources are required for the compensatory financing measures and supplementary financial measures of the IMF. As always it is vital that the Fund support appropriate domestic policy measures through its provisions of conditionality.

(Excerpts taken from pages: 52-54 of Monograph 9)