United Nations Security Council Reform and Restructuring

TitleUnited Nations Security Council Reform and Restructuring
Publication TypeMonographs
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsHoffman W

This monograph advocates addition of five new quasi-permanent members, replacing veto with 4/5 ths vote of ten quasi-permanent members by 2011, election of non-permanent members by regions, ICJ review of Security Council actions, and blocking power of General Assembly on economic and social matters - 78 pages.

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Excerpts from Mr. Hoffmann's Conclusions:
In the year 2011, and at ten year intervals thereafter, the five highest contributors (assessed and paid) to the regular and peacekeeping budgets of the Organization should be named as five of the ten quasi-permanent members for the next ten year period. In the year 2011, apart from the five highest contributors, the members with the highest population in each of the following five regions should also be named as quasi-permanent members for the next ten year period: East and Southeast Asia; Central and Southwest Asia; Africa; Latin America and the Caribbean; Europe and Other States.

Decisions of the Security Council not involving state on state aggression should be subject to judicial review by the World Court or a special chamber thereof, provided the General Assembly, or a designated Committee thereof, files a request with the Court for an Advisory Opinion within 15 days of such action. As a trade-off for the permanent members of the Security Council consenting to a modification of their one member veto power and agreeing to the blocking power for the General Assembly on certain matters, a system of weighted voting should be instituted in the General Assembly on budgetary and other important matters, including the power to block Security Council decisions on economic and social matters.

(Excerpts taken from pages: 73 & 74 of Monograph 14)