Bridging the Commitment-Capacity Gap

TitleBridging the Commitment-Capacity Gap
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsH. Langille P
Number of Pages162

This publication reviews existing arrangements and the options for enhancing UN rapid deployment. The author offers 24 Recommendations including creation of UN Emergency Service (UN ES) with capability to deploy in hot zones to de-escalate violence minimizing suffering of innocents -- 162 page book.

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Excerpts from Dr. Langille's Conclusions:
Recommendation 23 -- There is an urgent need for a UN Emergency Service - a dedicated, multidimensional "UN 911" that can address human needs, including protection, security, health and hope. This service should be composed of military, police and civilian volunteers that are recruited globally, selected for high standards of professionalism and commitment, and then directly employed by the UN.

Recent discussions on improving UN rapid deployment continue to focus on the relative merits of three options: either coordinate better arrangements for the prompt provision of contingents within the UN Standby Arrangements System; organize partnerships among committed Member States to establish additional SHIRBRIGs; or, initiate a UN Police and Security Force (UN PSF) or UN Emergency Service (UN ES), composed of volunteers. Since 1995, there has been a tendency to regard such proposals as distinct, if not mutually exclusive. Yet in a stage-by-stage cumulative development process, there is the prospect of a coherent, accelerated evolution; one that integrates the strengths of potentially compatible and reinforcing options.